Scrapbook 1
Welcome to Dabbs Creek Aussies
In loving memory of Violet!  She was raised in the house with the
kids and our little yorkies.  She loved everyone.  
We miss her very much!
~A picture is worth a thousand words.~
~Megan, Bray, Axl and Ozzy~
in South Carolina
They are so much more than I ever expected. Storm is still the more active pup...   River is more laid back. I always
worried that River was going to bother Storm because Storm was older.... but it's most definitely the other way
around.  Storm will not leave River alone.  River graduated from puppy class.  He was extremely well behaved and
won the 'obstacle
course' competition on the last day (he won even with my 7 year old granddaughter instructing him!!)
Quick funny story about River before I go.  I wanted to teach River to roll over and play dead.  So I trained him
with some chicken meatball' treats that he absolutely loves.   As soon as he sees me grab a meatball out of the bag I
don't even have to say 'bang' ... right away he starts falling to the ground and rolling onto his back... then he gets
up and does it again and again until he gets his meatball.  The funny thing about it is if anyone was watching
him I think they would worry that he was having a seizure or something because he does it over and over again so
quickly..  lol   So now I have to try to 'untrain' my pup.. :-)  Storm.. wants nothing to do with that trick...   River
is so eager to please.  Storm (River and Jack pup)  River  (Mae and Zim pup)  The past three days were hot here...
close to 90 degrees.  Today we decided to fill the pool for the dogs.   maHALO is a nut.  That little guy makes me
laugh.  He is something else.  River does not like the water at all.  Storm loves the water as long as it's not near his
face.  maHALO... well....   these pics say it all...   ~maHALO~ (Pebbles and Sokka pup)
Storm, River and maHALO  
~The Venezia's in MA~
                                               ~Bill, Cathy, Flash and Sydney~in GA
Flash is so loving.  He still gets in my lap…although there’s not room for that anymore.  But, if I’m on
the couch with my feet on the coffee table…he spreads out that way.  I have to be careful he doesn’t
accidentally hurt me since he’s so big now and doesn’t realize it.  But…I love it when he’s in my lap
and being calm so I can love on him.
He’s got the best facial expressions too!  He’ll look at us and turn his head back and forth trying to
understand what we’re saying.  He’s honestly the best dog I’ve ever had!  The only thing I don’t like is
all the extra shedding this summer!  All my past dogs were small and didn’t shed, so I’ve had to get
use to that.
Tammie, Here is a picture of Icarus and Calypso.
They are complete opposites from each other but get
along great. Icarus is
our perfect little boy and Calypso is our wild trouble
maker. Calypso loves training with me for my
marathon and loves
to play ball- she is starting "fly ball" training next
month.  Everywhere we take them we always get
compliments on how
beautiful they both are and with our little Pekingese
they make an interesting trio.

Michelle & Tommy