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Many times I am asked the questions "why is this puppy the last one to go and "is
there something wrong with the puppy" the reason he/she is still with us?   First of all
let me say that there are many reasons why a puppy may be last in the litter to go.  
Sometimes there has been a bigger demand for a particular color or sometimes for a
female versus a male or more than once I had someone place a deposit on a particular
puppy and by the time the puppy was 8 or 9 weeks old they decided to wait for one
reason or another.   There are also times when I have held back the “pick of the litter”
and then decided to place it at a later date.  This does not mean that there is
something wrong with the puppy or that the puppy is undesirable.
We have a few older puppies & dogs available.  Call for details.
Nor is it true that an older puppy or dog will not bond with you.  It sometimes takes time for that
bond to form but if you are willing to spend the extra time it will happen.  I've gotten several dogs
over the age of 2 and they bonded quite nicely.  It's all a matter of how much time you are willing
to spend with the dog.  I had one female that I bought at 3 years old, she would have nothing to do
with me at first.  I was a little worried as we drove off with her, we had a 13 hour trip with a dog
who didn't know me and didn't want to know me.  I let her sit in the back seat where she felt safe,
then about 2 hours into the trip she was sitting in my lap eating out of my hand, by the time we
got home we were best friends.  And she never left my side, until the day we buried her.
Black Tri Male 2 years old
$400  for pet
Black Tri Male 2 years old, pictures do not do this boy justice!
$400  for pet