Welcome to Dabbs Creek Aussies
Scrapbook 5
~Phoebe in MS, Phoenix Hakoda pup~
Loved by Hank, Dana, Lexi, and twins London & Leah-Marie...oh and can't forget Missy
I don't think Phoebe is spoiled at all....what do you think?
"This is by far the smartest puppy I've ever had!!!  :)  OMG!! The sweetest EVER!!  She sleeps right
above my head at night, but really prefers a spot on my pillow.  Ha!  We've decided without a doubt
she's a 'yuppy' puppy  =)  One pathetic piece of puppy...LOL"  Tough TOUGH Life!!  

"Hey Tammie, Hope you New Year is going well so far.  Just wanted to let you know that we have
decided to add an unrelated (to Trooper) female red tri to our family!  Please let us know if you come
accross one that meets your standards.  Also you'll enjoy this....we had someone come up to us in
Tractor Supply the other day who was admiring Trooper and we got to talking etc.  Turns out they
have a blue merle too and he sounded about as spoiled as Trooper is, lol.  Also turns out their boy,
Jack, came from you as well!!!  What a small world!  I don't remember their names, but I remember
the dog was named Jack.  We sat in the aisle talking about our dogs for 30 minutes.  LOL Have a
great day!
~Trooper in LA, Lake and Dallas puppy~
Loved by K
evin, Buffy, and family.  
"Hey Tammie,  Just wanted to check in...Lucy is the most affectionate and sweetest and most laid
back Aussie I've ever seen.  She is amazing!  We literally spend 24 hours a day together.  I'm just
wondering where, if you know, does she get all that calm and affectionate nature from?  She is an
amazing animal.  So sweet, yet so feisty!  Thank you for breeding and raising such quality
animals!  You set the bar high with these two we have.  Keep up the great work!
 We'll probably leave
the breeding up to you professionals.  Aussies...Best dogs ever!!

~Lucy in LA, Malachi and Astin puppy~
Loved by Kevin, Buffy, and family.