Scrapbook 3
This is little "Aussie River" she is a River/Jack puppy and is living it up in her new
home with An and Josh in CA.  She enjoys camping, swimming, hiking, digging,
and herding and has just come in 2nd place in her first herding competition,
beginner division, never even had a lesson!  Trials were held in the Malibu Hills at
Drummond Ranch,  would have made top 3 in intermediate, scoring 30 points!  
River you go girl!! See her video on her website. Thanks An and Josh for giving her
such a loving home!  Congrats and keep up the good work.
Merlin and Trinity living in Jackson, MS.  
Thanks, Renee and mom for giving them such a wonderful home!

Hi, Tammie!
I've been meaning to send you some photos to let you see how the pups are doing. Just a little over a year old now, and
they are absolutely wonderful, loving, doting dogs. Everyone who sees them comments on how beautiful they are.
They continue to bring joy to our lives every day.  They are happy and healthy and shedding profusely right now :-).
They really prefer the inside air conditioning. During the winter when we had so much rain that our back yard
turned to mud, they gained the nickname of "mudpuppies" because they were forever covered in mud from head to
tail. What a sight! It's time to schedule their yearly check-up, so I'll give you a report on that afterwards.

Trinity has also earned the nickname of Little Miss Mischief. She will lead her brother into all kinds of trouble!
Merlin's nickname is Mr. Softy, because he has a heart of gold and his head is as soft as a velvet cushion. They are
just precious, by my side everywhere, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  You have produced some exceptional
Aussies, Tammie, and I am so glad we found you!

Merlin weighs about 70 lbs. & Trinity is about 40 lbs.
Loved by Michele and
Kendric in MS
Gabi (Jovi and Ruger)  
Rosco  (Koko and Sokka)
~Beauty~  Loved by Max, Missy and Wade
Hi Tammie,
It was so nice to meet Alan. Both of you are very special people and we appreciate everything you have both done to
help us.
She vomited 4 times on the ride home.  I felt so bad for her, but after she did she fell asleep on my lap.  She drank
and ate when we got her home and has been fine ever since.  I'm sure she was a nervous wreck.
Yes, we're calling her Beauty because she is just the most beautiful puppy we have ever seen and is melting the hearts
of everyone who meets her.
I'm quite sure she was pretty tired after all of the excitement.  We get pretty excited around here when LSU plays and
last night was pretty exciting!
I've attached a picture for you and Alan. She's been playing fetch all morning. She's real good at bringing it back,
then she pooped out. We're so happy to have her and we cannot wait until the rain stops to run her outside!  It was
only drizzling when we got home and she didn't seem to mind at all. She ran all around the yard in it. :)  
~Abby~ with her family in WI
Abby is doing awesome. She is getting to be
a little OCD about playing frisbee  : ) which
is okay with us.  She loves to cuddle, be
touched.  She loves to "talk" to me with that
throat thing I told you about when she
wants something.   She goes to a doggy day
care twice a week to stay socialized.  And
she really likes going there. So I don't
really think I have  worry about her.  We
love Abby to pieces!
~Cowgirl~ Loved by the West Family---Gigi, Mike, Amelia and Blake
~Beau~ Loved by the Smith Family---Thanks Jenny, Scott, Brett, Josh and Carsyn!
I want to tell you that we are more than thrilled with Stewy.  His temperment is great.....he's funny,
intelligent and everything we could want.  I'm not a breeder, just a lover of the breed but your breeding
program sure shines through Stewy!  Thank you for giving him the great beginnings so we could enjoy
him!    P.S.  sounds like a Hallmark card....sorry...but I just had to tell you how we feel! :)
These pictures taken at 8 months old.  
~Stewy~  Caddi/Rico
pup Loved by Mary and
Jim, Cleo and Rose in
Welcome to Dabbs Creek Aussies
be such a sweet, smart boy, made me want to develop a career with animals. Because of him, and YOU, I
transferred to MSU to study animal science and now work as a veterinary technician at Family Veterinary
Clinic in Starkville. There is no telling where I will be in the next 5 years, maybe working for some company,
maybe graduating from vet school- who knows, but having had the opportunity to meet you, and take in such
sweet boys really influenced mine and Corey's lives.
Anyway, raising Brax was never a challenge! Learning came so easy to him; he grew up to be such a bright,
beautiful aussie. He is a social butterfly; every time he meets someone new, he does that cute "booty shake" and
smile. He loves EVERYONE. :) He loves toys! He has one ball (it is the grossest ball we own, he found it in the
yard and he treasures it with his life. He even sleeps with that thing!) and he LOVES IT! You can throw a ball,
frisbee, stick, even an ear of corn and that boy will chase it! He is so athletic and loves chasing the 4-wheeler
with Corey. He knows so many words too! His favorite (along with Jax) is "treat", of course, but he knows so
many. If someone comes in the house that is not particularly fond of dogs, I can tell them to go to "Bed" (which
is just in my room) and they will go right in there and not bother anyone! Braxton is kind of the "leader" of the
two-man pack. He usually makes the decisions and Jax-man is always behind him backing him up. Which
would bring me to him, Jax is my sweeeet baby! I remember picking him up. We pulled up to meet y'all in Pearl,
and I saw him sitting in your lap as calm as ever. Brax was FREAKING OUT. He knew that baby was just
like him, and wanted to get out of the car so bad to see him he was pushing my window down! When we got Jax
in the car he was STILL just so calm and collected. He acted as if he was not even there while Brax was going
insane. It is almost like Brax knew that was his brother! We stayed with my sister that night and they both
had a blast together! I could tell Jax was loved so much as a puppy, because all he wanted to do was be held and
loved on. He is still that way! Every time I come in the door I can guarantee that Jax will be there waiting on me
and he will be the first one to jump up and want to love allll over me. I, of course, have spoiled him so bad! He
sleeps on my pillow with me. Brax gets hot so he is a floor guy, but it never fails Jax is GOING TO be in the bed
with you and be the first one waking you up in the morning to go "potty". He is a little bit more reserved when
it comes to strangers. He loves my sister, and he loves his vet! He is a ladies' man! He is about half the size of
Brax, which is what makes him so sweet and loveable. He loves to run! Oh my gosh, he loves it. Brax might be
the ball boy, but Jax can out run him anyday. They are just like two peas in a pod, they go SO WELL together.
Jax has learned every thing he knows from Brax, and I really do not think they could go a day without each
other. They are SO special to Corey and I. We take them everywhere, they even know where they are when they
go to "grandmother's" house. Ha! Thank you so much for our boys, Tammie! We cherish every day with them,
and their love is unconditional. I have attached a few pictures of them that I have taken throughout their lives! I
hope you enjoy!
Brax (Bandit and Katie pup), and
Jax (Jack and River pup) :)
Loved by ~Terri Lynn & Corey~
Anna Price and Lacie
in Mississippi  
Jovi and Copper puppy