~Toki and Eleanore~
Hi, sorry I haven't written to you in so long.  I don't know where to begin; I just want to say that Toki is more than I
ever hoped for, he is the most loyal, smart and just plain awesome dog I could have ever hoped for.  He is so smart and
so glued to me its unbelievable.  He graduated from puppy class on Monday, and the cool thing is that I barley had to
work on any of the training with him, he just picked it up, just like that.  He is the nicest, sweetest, cutest, most
adorable thing in the house, everyone loves him and he is just so sweet tempered, playful and well behaved.  Ive gotten
him socialized, we even have a ferret now that he likes to try to herd. His grooming tolerance is just awesome, last
time i gave him a bath he sat there and looked like he almost enjoyed it. He did not give me trouble for anything,
and is more well behaved than 95% of the dogs I groom.  I could clip and dremel his nails, he had no problem with me
shaving his pads he is so awesome and everyone else thinks so too. I'm going to work on more tricks with him I think
since I almost feel like I have not taught him things that fit his full learning potential, and I almost feel bad for
that.  I just want to say how much I love and appreciate him, he is exactly what I wanted; best dog ever in my
opinion.  Thank you Tammie for breeding such nice and beautiful Aussies.  You truly are a great breeder, and it is
an honor to receive any of your precious Aussies. :)

Thank you profusely, Eleanore Bell
Scrapbook 2
~Lanny, Ricka and their girls~
~Wyatt~ loved by the King Family
Mystic/Jack puppy
~Oz is loved by the Ford Family in Mississippi~
"Oz is all BOY!  He likes dirt and likes it even
better when it has rained....will dig in the puddles
and just loves it.   He is also a water dog; likes to
try to get into the water bowl outside and will stand
in it (of course now all that fits is his front legs)".   
~Brady is loved by
Kendra and Carol~
~Katarina and Rosco~
"Every cowboy needs a good
pup" and vice/versa
Click this link for an awesome presentation by Abbie
Lester about her girl
Jack/Caddi pup
Looks like Moe Grizzly has been very busy helping out on the farm in WI.  He's been helping feed the chickens
(which he is learning not to chase) and feeding Louie and helping to clean him up afterwards and is also having a
blast with Zeus, who has as much energy as Moe Grizzly, (they enjoy chasing each other).  You can visit Michelle
and all the animals at
Triple Spring Acres.  http://triplespringacres.com/
Dash is the absolute apple of our eye!!
And smart…..man!!  Too smart
We are so delighted….and cannot
attest enough to the quality of your
dogs.  He is a dream!!  He has
definitely bonded with the boys….
every Aussie needs a job, and they
are his job, for sure!!

Katie/Jack pup.  Living it up in VA
Beach with ~the Haag Family~
Hi Tammie,      Wyatt is great, he and the kids are constantly playing, he loves waking up our son for school in the
morning. He is the sweetest, funniest, and most loyal  guy we can't imagine ever not having him now. He has
officially taken over the backyard lol He is quite the little shoe and doll stealer. House breaking is not even a
thought now, he's done great! He's a bed dog also, I think he takes up more room then my husband and I lol. He
doesn't seem to be aware of his size he thinks he is a lap dog and tries to lay in our laps also has tried to sleep on our
heads lol Our Chihuahua still has not taken to him but that doesn't stop him from trying. Don't think we could ever
thank ya'll enough for him, he has definitely became an irreplaceable part of the family! Thank you again! As for the
baby she is doing great not a sleeper lol We had her on Dec. 3rd I don't think Wyatt knows what to think of her yet.
Hope all is well with you all, and again thank you! Best Wishes, Annalise & Eric
P.S. We haven't taken any pictures in the last month because everything has been a little crazy with the baby. He
has grown tremendously in that short time. Will send more later.

Caddi/Jack pup

~Razzel Dazzel~
Jack/Katie pup                
Look how big Razzel is!!  
She is really a good
swimmer.    She is such a
wonderful companion....we
sure do love her.  Thanks so
much for giving us this
great gift.     ~Irene & Brad
Davis~ Pensacola, FL
Jesse living in Chicago with Mike and Catherine
"This is at the airport, 10
minutes after we picked
him up.  He was smiling to
finally be out of the crate!!"
Here is Jesse sleeping on our deck
in Michigan. No stress here!  
Jesse's growing so fast. He is a
wonderful pup. Very smart and has a
understanding of most basic  
commands. He is also "pretty much"
trained. We love him and could not be
happier. Thank you.

I hope that everything is going well with you and your family. Its hard to
believe that Jesse turned 3 years old in March. He celebrated at the
beach...his favorite place and enjoyed playing frisbee and chasing a ball
in the water for hours. He is a wonderful family pet...a true friend,
companion and playmate. We love him and could not be happier to have him in
our lives.

Hope all of your puppies are finding great homes. Wishing you all the best.

Mike and Catherine Rosenberg
~Macie~ Loved by the Gasparovich Family in MI
Welcome to Dabbs Creek Aussies