Welcome to Dabbs Creek Aussies
~Dabbs Creek Set Fire to the Rain~
Brook is a beautiful blue merle female, with amazing copper points, just a hint of white
trim and two piercing blue eyes. She is 20 inches tall, 50 lbs, has full dentition and
scissors bite.  She is the daughter of
Lake and Heavenbounds Oreo Cookie, she is  
granddaughter of
River and Sokka.  She is very loyal to me.  She's a mama's girl and
rarely leaves my side.  When I take her for a walk, if she happens to get a little ahead of me
she's always watching out of the corner or her eye to see where I am.  
OFA - Good!
MDR1 n/n, HSF4 n/n, DM n/n (clear).  CEA, and CMR1 clear by parentage.